After two years of pouring my heart out in this journal, it has come to completion.

I find it truly beautiful to look back through all these pages, all the words, all the emotional moments, all the questions, all the doubts, all the joys, all the answered prayers, all the changes in my heart, all the developments in relationships, all the truth, all the lies, all the prayers, all of it.

All in all the Lord has been constant and present and that is something remarkable. He fabricated all these moments and thoughts together to make my story a part of his larger story.
I journal to remember, to pray, to concentrate, to see redemption, to look back, to connect with God, to get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper. This process of writing is one that is so holy, so pure to me. Praise be to God for all that is found within this journal. Time to move onto the next one!

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