November Blues

Gloomy & Dead November
November is my least favorite month. The overly gray skies, dead trees, transitional time between seasons of life, and bitter cold with no snow to at least make the temperatures somewhat bearable has a way with bringing my mood down.

I love the fall and I can enjoy the winter in the right amount but the time in between does not make me a happy camper. This year however when I was reflecting on the month of dread I realized just how much of an influence primarily the weather has over my mood.

It really is sad to think a whole 30 days, scratch that, 26 days because I am normally pretty jolly over the Thanksgiving holiday, can be affected so greatly by something so small.

Unfortunately I think this theory can be applied to other areas of life other than simply my adversity towards November. It is so easy to grant ourselves permission or make an excuse to feel a certain way because of an outside fairly insignificant factor.

Just like I should probably start facing my disliking of gloomy November and try to make the most of these days, so should we try to dismiss these outside influences that too often control our moods.

Happy November friends!

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