Reunited with Lake Michigan

I wept. I full out, disgustingly wept over my first reunion yesterday with Lake Michigan since summer of 2011. The fact that I was clear across on the other side of this big hunk of a lake and a good fifty degrees colder than I knew it to be made no difference. It was still the same water that accompanied me during my summer at Camp Geneva.
That summer can't easily be put into words for me. Three months of growth, joy, change, and pain was internalized in my heart and is sometimes too overwhelming to even try to explain to others or even myself. But this water, this view, this familiarity brought it out in me.
I find peace in the moving, changing, growing water. It reminds me that movement, change, and growth in myself may be painful and joyful at times but that is what makes a person beautiful just like this water.
Thank you Lake Michigan for reminding me who I am, where I have been, and how graciously good our Creator God is. You have a piece of my heart.
P.S. I like to think of these as my adventure boots. They bring about the adventurer spirit within me. I'm not too sorry about the amount of pictures I take of them.

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