Three Years

To even comprehend what the past three years has been made up of is impossible. I am always amazed at how much can happen in ten minutes, a day, a week, a year.. let alone three years.

Seasons come and go, friendships change and evolve, fashion trends become laughable over time, and who we used to be slowly migrates to an ever so similarly different person.

I am thankful that I have a great God who is constant, abundantly understanding, and a divine peace when change is more than just a second hand on a wristwatch.

I also find myself marvelously thankful for this hunk of a man who stands beside me not only in this picture but in the twists, turns, and underdogs of life. Jake knows me better than I know myself. He will often know what I need before I even know it myself.

He is so ridiculously positive and that one of the biggest understatements I've ever said. He seeks to listen, learn, love, and live with joy incorporated into every aspect of his life including our relationship.

Jacob sees equality as a priority and has such an unhindered love for each and every person he meets. He desires to share life with each person he encounters in a unique way and make them feel valued and important.

I could laugh for days with him over funny animal videos, the game Quelf, and moments of complete silence that somehow end up hilarious anyways.

He cuddles like no other, remains patient with me when I have no words or justifiable emotions, and holds my hand even though it could quite possibly be one of his most hated activities that involve his appendages.

This man leads me to God in ways I cannot do myself, holds me accountable in sometimes uncomfortable but necessary areas, and respects who I am as a person.

Jake is Jake to put it simply. He tries only to be himself, nobody else, and genuinely embraces who our Holy Lord has made him to be.

To think we have shared life together and intentionally pursued Christ's work in this world together for three years now at times seems absolutely crazy. But my heart finds itself full and content as I am also reminded how precious and beautiful each and every one of those moments that have led to these three years is.

May the Lord continue to unite us in love and give us a purpose and passion to serve his people together. We are yours God, thank you.

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