Wedding Input

The age old question of 'how's wedding planning going?' has yet to seize. I wrote about my initial thoughts on wedding planning this time of engagement back in July after being recently engaged. 

Since then Jake and I have enjoyed this season of life and have also tacked down some particulars regarding planning weddings. We believe both ends of this are important but are trying to remain focused on what marriage is really about in the long run which is certainly not the wedding day in itself. 

That being said, we are still in the process of planning a wedding and would love your help with some of the practicalities! Calling all you married, wanna-be-brides, engaged, mothers of brides, Pinterest gawkers, etc.. Here are some questions for you!

#1 Gift Registry: Where should we register? What should we register for? How much should we register for? How many different stores should we register at? If you're married, what is something you with you would have registered for that you didn't? What is something you registered for and didn't end up needing?

#2 Traditions: What traditions are important to you for a wedding ceremony or reception? What are some unique things you have seen at weddings you have attended? What as a guest is important to you?

#3 Honeymoon: Where should we go on our honeymoon? We are pretty much at square one with this now so all ideas and experiences are welcome. What is something that is cost effective but also meaningful? Tropical? Cabin? Fly? Drive? In country? Out of country? If we chose your idea we may or may not send you a candy bar!

Okay my friends, share all of your ideas and lend us a hand! Ready, set, go.. 

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