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As I sit in Caribou dreaming about life and wondering how the Christmas season flew by so fast, I sip on a white hot chocolate with soy milk (fist pump to all my lactose intolerant friends out there).
You see the ironic thing is that I am the furthest away from being a coffee drinker, yet I love the coffee shop environment. In this atmosphere I am reminded of some of the things that are oh so important to me. Alone time with Jesus, reading books, having tough conversations, laughing with friends, blogging, meeting new people. All of these enjoyed while sipping on a favorite drink, coffee drinker or not.

As explained in my post on being away, blogging consistently has not been my top priority. I miss it, I really do. As I reflect on where this blogging journey has taken me the past few years and the beautiful words and moments shared I am reminded again and again of community.

If you have stuck around for some time you know that I am a promoter of all things community, yay for a Christian college residence life experience. Community to me comes in so many forms and I truly believe blogging is one of those unique ways that different people with different voices can come together and share something special.

As a way to continue on the Christmas cheer, embrace the importance of community, and possibly bless you with a card I am giving away a $25 Caribou Coffee gift card!
My hope is that whoever the lucky winner is will be able to share in the joy and community that is to be had over a cup of coffee, smoothie, hot tea, you name it. Ready, set, enter and spread the continuing Christmas cheer to others!

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