Christmas Light Adventures

Because I live in a small college town in which there isn't much happenin' on a Saturday night, especially when every college student has packed up and peaced out for Christmas break, creativity for having a good time is a must.

The past few days I was blessed by the presence of my lovely friend Jessica visiting. Instead of staying inside for the third night in a row making countless tissue paper flowers and watching New Girl on instant queue we decided to go on a Christmas adventure.

Our Christmas adventure consisted of driving around our small college town in search of beautiful Christmas lights, with Christmas carols cranked up at top notch and/or Jake's version of Christmas carols over the speaker system, and an extra special Christmas treat to satisfy our taste buds.

Pause this story and let me tell you a brief side story. Rewind to a year ago to my first encounter with my small college town's Christmas lights.

One of my favorite memories with our group of RAs last year was the night we set out in search of Christmas lights. Our purpose? Sneak into others yards and take pictures in their Christmas lights displays. Harmless fun, wildly entertaining, slightly sneaky, and a whole lot of memories.
Boy did we score the jackpot with some excellent Christmas displays. My favorite? Top left corner, yes Becca is most definitely riding a reindeer. Unedited glory my friends.

Okay resume original story of Jessica and my Christmas adventure. So here we are driving around our small college town in search of beautiful Christmas lights, cranking up the cheesy holiday classics.

Now in my mind, I am thinking back to all of the crazy, elaborate, way-too-put-together displays from the previous year that I had crept my way into and back out of without a disturbance plus picture proof.

Surely this year we'd find great displays as well and the riskiness depreciated greatly since I am a post-grad and my life is so much more sophisticated and put together (ahem, ahem).

Driving, driving, driving. A strand of tinsel here, a lit up star there, throw in a few dangling icicles at one house, and a blow up snowman at another. Our hopes were declining. Maybe our Christmas adventure wouldn't be what we had expected. Maybe our night would turn into another tissue paper flower making and Netflix watching session.

We decided we may as well become minimalists as it appeared all of our small college town's citizens had turned into this year. In hopes that a Christmas treat would satisfy our disappointment we headed to the grocery store with eight minutes to spare before closing time.

And wouldn't you know what landed literally right within our path? On the one road we hadn't traveled...this Christmas beauty.
Oh holy night, what a Christmas adventure it turned out to be. What Christmas adventures have you been on? Do you have any Christmas light stories? Does your town decorate in any special way?

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