High Stakes Smoothie Competitions

Today was a special day in the admissions office. One filled with high stakes competition in regards to smoothie making prestige.
As a newbie walking in to this annual smoothie competition I decided taking a risk was necessary to make a name for myself. Side note, Laura rarely follows recipes step by step if even at all.

In perusing through popular smoothie recipes, I realized the berry/banana/fruity ones were all too common and the admissions office could use a twist. What is that twist you might ask? Take a look at this beauty.

Now if you're anything like Jacob, even the sight of green has already scared you off. So for those who have stuck it out through the picture HOORAY, you enjoy adventure like me and would dare to taste this delicious smoothie.

Let me introduce you to my friend.. the Chocolate Strawberry Cashew smoothie (notice I came up with a clever title that disguised the extra nutrients inside). This little buddy tied for a solid third place might I add with rave reviews from the non-judges and an internal office award of the healthiest. Booyah. 
So you've decided to try it, right? Here is the not-recipe for you since I just threw things together.
Maybe you should create a smoothie competition and test your luck with this guy! Give it a shot and let me know how it goes. Or just enjoy it for yourself and a friend. Or just for yourself :)

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