On Being Away

If you are a dedicated reader of According to Laura Jean, or my mom and Jake, then you may have caught the drift of minimal posts in the past few months.

Part of me wants to make excuses like lack of time, effort spent elsewhere, and dull creativity lately. Another part of me wants to apologize for not being as committed and loyal to this community as I have been over the past year or so.

But the majority of me is content with not making excuses or giving apologies as being away has been life-giving and what I needed. I am a huge advocate of different seasons in life and seeking out meaning from ones of hardship, contemplation, exuberance, grace, and disconnectedness (the list goes on).

I see myself drawing to the end of another season of life, one that's been busier than I thought life would  ever be, constantly tiresome, and filled with 9,000 some miles. But oh what a beautiful travel season this past fall has been.

Now that every trip across Iowa, plane ride half way across the country, and drive across the hills of Wisconsin is over I am enjoying the thought of being away even more. Rather than being away from familiarity however like I was all fall, I have now been enjoying being away from unfamiliarity.

I crave familiar faces, familiar food, a familiar God, a familiar place to sleep, familiar conversations. And the truth is this blog has become more and more unfamiliar. A few days of not posting turns into a few weeks which turns into a few months and all of a sudden I look at this space as something somewhat unfamiliar and foreign.

Being away is nourishing for my soul and perfect for the time being. We shall see what the next season brings.

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