Travel Season Stats

I feel like I have been around the world and back quite literally.
After 3.5 months, 9,253 miles driven, 59 high schools visited, 5 states (IA, MN, WA, AZ, WI), 2 countries (Canada & United States), 77 shampoos/conditioners/lotions collected from hotels, 8 churches visited, 27 hotel nights, 12 college fairs, 5 airports, 9 families and friends who generously opened their house to me, 29 coffee shops, 6 airplane flights, 5 different cars used, hundreds of people met, and 1 travel weary Laura, I am finally home for good.

What a absolutely crazy yet immensely blessed fall this has been.
It is so hard for me to believe it is already December, college students are finishing up with the semester, and Christmas is right around the corner. I partially feel as though I have been in a different world since September and just walked back into normal life expecting it to be how I left it. But no, life moves on.

My favorite part of this job as an admissions counselor first and foremost is sharing about the beautiful place Northwestern College is and serving the Lord and students through that.

Second to that I have been absolutely blessed beyond measure for the opportunities I have daily to see new things, meet new people, witness how God is working in other places of the world, relate to those I thought I had nothing in common with, to give love and be loved. God is so good. 
In case you are ever in the areas in which I frequented, you should probably check out my top five favorite coffee shops of all time. And yes this is coming from Laura, a non-coffee drinker. Yet with their sense of quaint charm, free and accessible wifi, and hot chocolatey goodness my favorites emerged. 

1. The Good News Room-Boone, Iowa
2. The Walnut-Edmonds, Washington
3. Garrison Coffee House-Clarinda, Iowa
4. MUGS Coffeehouse-Ripon, Wisconsin
5. Smokey Row-Pella, Iowa

And no these are not your Caribou, Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts mass produced overly priced places. These are down right originals, creative in each their own way, and owned and operated by the humblest of the humble. 
The opportunity to travel, explore, meet, and share is not something I take lightly. It is difficult to be away but easy to do what I love. Thank you God for this busy, lively, directionally challenging, long, growing, grace-filled, eye opening fall. You are good, you are great.

P.S. Traveling alone gives you the wonderfully awkward permission to take unashamed selfies.

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