All Things Beautiful

Today is Wednesday, what a day!

As I was walking across campus early this morning I looked to the sky somewhat disappointed in the gray and gloom that hung around. No beautiful, breathtaking sunrise like yesterday. Ho hum.

Label me as guilty but I am an Instagram lover, #notashamed. It is always ironic to me however on the days of very apparent and present beauty how many photos are captured. Sunrises, puppies, popping fall colors, thermometers sharing 50 degree weather, bibles laid open during special ‘devotion’ times, etc. And I suppose they should be documented given the wonderful blessings that are before us.

But this morning as I walked somewhat downcast by another cold, gray January day I remembered that we serve a constant God. One who is beautiful and marvelous any day, captured in any moment. It’s natural to look only to the obvious beauty in front of us but when I paused and looked at my surroundings I saw simple beauty tucked away in the quiet, peaceful campus that may have been gray but still held the Lord’s presence.

Our Instagram worthy moments run perpendicular to each other as illuminating photos of sunrises are captured with great joy and excitement yet snowstorm stricken Midwest photos are shared in haste and bitterness. Sure, this could simply be a surface-level social media conundrum yet I am convinced it goes much deeper into our attitudes and recognition of what beauty is.

Friends, all things are beautiful as all things are created by the Lord.

That terrible snowstorm last week with bone-chilling winds? Beautiful. The inner feelings of doubt, regret, or loneliness we may be too afraid to share but are still very present? Beautiful. The leftovers I have eaten for the past four days? Beautiful. The deep sadness I am experiencing with a loved one battling mental health issues and a potential brain tumor? Yes painfully difficult but still beautiful.

My prayer is that we live with opened eyes and hearts to capture both apparent beauty and hidden glimpses of beauty day to day. Our God is present in both the burst of unique colors and stillness of gray skies morning to morning. 

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