Beating the Winter Blues

Yes we put our jello salad outside in the freezing temperatures to chill, it's a Minnesota thing I suppose.
The northern Midwest area has been hit hard by the stings of winter reaching -20 in temperature alone and -50 with windchill included. BRRRR. While majority of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa schools have been closed this frigid air spans further across the country.

I sarcastically tweeted the other day about every single person I know (okay lie that is an exaggeration) posting something on Facebook or Twitter regarding a) how cold it is outside or b) throwing boiling water in the air to watch it freeze in the air. If you're not from around here, don't judge, it's a thing.

I love a beautiful white Christmas and a small dose of the winter season, however the months of January and February tend to drag on with the winter blues. Can I get an amen?

So let's join together, quit our complaining, and enjoy the awesome and sometimes crazy creations the Lord has given us with five funky ways to beat the winter blues!
::Bundle Up For Goodness Sake:: One of Jacob's favorite sayings is that there is no such thing as bad weather, but bad clothing. By the point he is pulling out this line on me I am rolling my eyes in frustration knowing that he is right and the warmest clothes may not be the prettiest as I always hope. Nonetheless functionality over fashion can go a long ways when it comes to keeping warm and staying happy!

::Drink Warm Yummy Things:: For all those coffee addicts (definitely not me) and tea fanatics (most definitely me) this is your season to shine! Don't warm yummy drinks taste 33x better in the freezing cold? Warm yourself up with a hot drink that will soothe your body and give you thoughts of sunshine and beautiful summer days.

::Try Something New:: Snow shoeing? Crocheting? Watching a new movie? Cross country skiing? A new recipe? For me the winter provides the blessing of slowing down and it is such a great opportunity to try something new that I haven't had time to do otherwise.

::Have People Over:: When the wind chill literally chills you to the bone there isn't much motivation to leave the house, now is there? Beat the winter blues by intentionally having people over. Cooking and filling the house with bodies will miraculously leave the space warm in temperature and in spirit.

::Embrace the Coldness:: If you live somewhere with winters it is bound to get cold. I always find it funny how every year there is a string of super cold days yet when it hits everyone freaks out over social media about how incredibly cold it is out! Yes yes it is very cold but we know that about living in such places. Rather than running and hiding out for days how about embrace the coldness and the rare forms of beauty it brings? I may just be an idealist.

How do you beat the winter blues? Do you have any secrets to keep you happy in the long cold winter days? I want to hear your winter traditions!