Great Christmas Exchange 2013 Reveal

One of my favorite parts of arriving home after being out of town is checking the mail. Yes I am one of those people who eagerly awaits 5pm everyday not because I get off of work but because it is time to check the mail.

Many times I am left disappointed but not during the holiday season my friends! After being out of town for two weeks I arrived home Sunday with an abundance of letters and packages, not to mention one unfortunately large utility bill. Out of the wonderful Christmas pictures and New Years letters there was one very special package...
The eagerly anticipated Great Christmas Exchange package from my surprise partner Veronica Hill! What a wonderful way it was to extend the Christmas season with an extra Christmas treat.

Now for all of those snooping on my blog simply to see what was inside, have a look see, but also feel free to stick around, I'd love to have you!
Candy Canes//Bodycology Lotion & Spray//Christmas Footy Slippers//Red Glitter Nail Polish//Christmas Wish List Pad of Paper//The Holiday//Lindt Chocolate Truffles

Thank you so much Veronica! And thank you to Elizabeth and Samantha for hosting The Great Christmas Exchange 2013. I cannot wait for it to come around again in 2014. 

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