Hospitality & The Table

If you would have asked me last year around this time what I was most looking forward to about graduating I would have likely exclaimed, a table! You would have found me in the heart of being a resident assistant, unsure of what my nearly approaching post-graduation plans were but oh so ready to have a table.

College taught me a great deal of knowledge including one too many chemistry equations (I'm still waiting on the practical implications of this gen ed class), the development of a child in the womb (hooray for making play dough fetuses), and how to effectively lead a youth group (or in most cases how to not-lead a youth group).

But what left a permanent imprint on my heart is the discovery and practice of hospitality as one of my God-given strengths. When I was given the opportunity to serve and share of myself, a beautifully contagious note was struck within me. One that craved inviting friends, guests, even strangers into my space and heart with warmth and generosity.

As this gift developed so did my longing for a table. A place to congregate, pass along stories, share vulnerable moments, and make room for all. As many times as I tried to reconfigure my 11x15 foot dorm room to fit a table in it, my wish was placed on the back burner till post-graduation.

Fast forward to the present moment and you are now reading the blog of a proud table owner (to be fair it belongs to my roommate, yet we share of course)! The combination of me being an extreme extrovert, the love I have for being around people, and this gift of hospitality sure does make for good use of a table.

On several occasions I have been asked or even questioned why I spend much of my time, energy, and money hosting others. Friends, I am confident in saying that I cannot help but incorporate this gift of mine into everyday life. Jesus made room for all at his table and I see it as a great pleasure to do so as well.

So if you haven't spent time at my table, eating a meal, sharing life, and enjoying the company of others, please do, I would love to have you. My heart is most full when I see Jesus through serving others at my table.. his table.. our table.

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