January 2014 Recap

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And so begins a new year, one that is already off to a high speed start with one month down. January was full of ups and downs both in regards to the weather and personal life.

As Northwest Iowa experienced the deepest of deep polar vortexes with temperatures reaching -40s, life also plummeted into low points of illness, death, and sadness. Upon finishing out a happy and healthy 2013 my family began the new year undertaking overwhelming and difficult news of my uncle's physical, emotional, and mental health situation. While much is yet to be determined, we trust and pray healing and protection over him and those involved.

Death continues to be something that I wrestle with as several loved ones have either significantly decreased in health or passed to eternal glory. Sitting alongside those in grief, including myself, is not easy nor fun yet is what builds authentic, real, and vulnerable relationships. For that I am grateful.

The several glorious days that aroused sunshine and 35-50 degree weather, most of which eloquently fell on the Sabbath, perked my soul and craving for spring. These days were filled with walks, hope, breathtaking sunrises, joy, and realizations that all things are beautiful. January brought along several exciting new initiatives including a routine workout plan (no, this is not a result of New Year's resolutions), a hit success of my work's first ever RED101: Admitted Student Day, and premarital counseling.

As we are just shy of fourth months out from the big day, Jacob and I are absolutely pumped for marriage and sharing life together. January was filled with decoration making parties, registering, honeymoon dreaming, and fixing ring ordeals. Wedding planning is pretty much down to the details and the day will be here in no time.

As we look ahead to the month of February, I leave you with an idea I have been dwelling on all month: Where does God dwell? Shouldn't I be there as well?

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