Our Engagement: Wedding Planning

Just as fast as the holidays came and went so too have the days counting down to marriage. 152 to be exact, not like we are keeping track or anything!

After we first got engaged I was overwhelmed with sadness over how many times I was asked how wedding planning was going yet nothing else about oh you know getting married. I wrote a post you can find here in case you missed it about what we desire our day to truly be about.

We are getting so excited to share our special day with those we love and cherish and celebrate the awesome God we serve in bringing us together.

So an update on the wedding planning side of things.. the holiday break was oh so good to us in providing quality time to hammer out some details.
1. What we have done: Marked the date, booked the venue and a beautiful one at that, found the wedding dress, worked with the photographer, chatted it up with the pastor, chose the wedding party, selected our caterer and menu, made our save the date, created 40 table runners in two days (shout out to Jacob's grandma, the queen of sewing), and completed the guest list.

2. What we are in the middle of: Making all the decorations and I mean all, tackling the beast of registering, brainstorming invitations, ordering a new engagement ring since mine has been troublesome, searching beautiful places for honeymoons, finding bridesmaid dresses, and going through premarital counseling.

3. What we haven't thought about: Engagement pictures, music selections or playlists, videography, flowers upon flowers upon flowers, cake and/or dessert, the vows, wedding guest favors, order and timing of the day, wedding bands, hotels and transportation, the ceremony programs, decorations for the ceremony location, and the rehearsal dinner.

Wedding planning is definitely getting easier now that it is turning into details and I am a extremely detail oriented person but above all else I am so happy to celebrate sharing life with Jacob June 7th, 2014 and every day after that!

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