Phone Conversations

Do you ever wonder what your voice sounds like on the other end of the line to someone over the phone? I do all the time. You see my entire job practically surrounds itself on phone conversations.

Hours each week are spent talking to prospective students about their dreams, future plans, and ideas for after that impending graduation date. I see my job as a way to come alongside students and help them discern what their next steps include.

There have been plenty of entertaining conversations over the past few months such as the student whose dad told me that night was not a good time and to try back in three months, or the voicemail I was in the middle of leaving and instead of giving them my phone number to call back on, I accidentally read off their own number I had just called. It happens, right?

As someone who thrives off of quality time and face to face conversations, this job has definitely been stretching to invest much time into relationships that are not necessarily physically present or tangible. 

What makes a relationship? What are the inner workings of a friendship? As easy as it is for me to gravitate towards an in person connection I believe relationships go much deeper than this.

Shared experiences and passions, a letter received in the perfect moment, memorable conversations, a text message that brings relief to a stressful day, a common hope. All of these plus much more grow an inner desire to love and be loved deeper by another. 

It is far too easy for me to indulge in friendships that are readily accessible, conveniently located, and satisfy my craving for being loved. Yet I need a constant reminder and motivation to put intentional effort into relationships that may only exist over the phone or require extra, less convenient steps to grow together.

After all relationships are not about what is favorable on my end but what can be given of myself and our great God to others. We are here to serve, to love, to humbly live in relation to one another. On that note, back to calling prospective students and wondering what my voice sounds like on the other end of the phone.