Someday We Will Laugh About This, Right?

What a wonderful dinner I had with one of my best friends last night. We laughed, caught up, rejoiced in the happiness of where we are at in life, and shared the troubles of our hearts all while enjoying burgers at our favorite little hole in the wall diner in downtown Minneapolis.

While walking back and dreaming of bridal showers and bridesmaid dresses, a dreaded fear sank in our stomachs as we approached the spot in which I had parked my car. My little lime green go cart of a car was gone. 

We scanned the parking lot just in case our memories had failed us but not an Iowa license plate was to be found (yes I am still bitter about being an Iowa resident now). As we looked around the parking lot we found a sign tucked away stating this parking lot was for Pizza Hut and Subway users only and all others would be towed. NO!

After a few moments of tears swelling up in my eyes and bitterness towards those seemingly deceiving people who lured us right into their trap of $237.11, we decided a game plan was necessary. 

I don't often say this, but praise the Lord for smart phones and the ability to realize my car was ten miles away and unreachable by walking in subzero temperatures that have paralyzed the great state of Minnesota this past week.

To ease our frustrated minds and cold hands we ventured to the nearest coffee shop and brainstormed how to get to my car, pay the ridiculous fee, and get on with our lives. Thank you Jesus for a willing friend who is comfortable with city driving and had nothing better to do! 

With an hour to kill Gina and I looked at each other somewhat defeated but also thankful. She went to order a tea and as we stood in line I spotted a token of wonderfulness-SCRABBLE. If you know me well there is no doubt I love my games. Come to find out Gina had never played Scrabble before, say what?

So we decided to make the most of the situation and instead of sulking we celebrated in the irony of the situation thinking someday we will laugh about this, right?

After a trip to the creepiest towing company ever in existence complete with screaming babies, blood stained walls, and a glass window separating us and the clerk, we were reunited with my lime green go cart of a car. 

While my check book wishes this never would have happened I can't help but be thankful for this mess of a situation that turned into lovely moments of bonding, shared experience, and Scrabble. Maybe today still isn't the day we will laugh about it yet but we are safe, warm, and thankful.

P.S. Congratulations to Miss Kate Kosters on winning my $25 Caribou Coffee Gift Card giveaway! Thank you everyone who entered and participated. What a happy season of giving it has been.

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