Thrift Store Thursday: Denim + Gray

Welcome to my new weekly series, Thrift Store Thursdays! Being that majority of my wardrobe is made up of clothing found at consignment stores and I am known to only buy pieces on sale or clearance, I thought it was about time to share some of my thrifty secrets with you!

If you live in the Twin Cities, ever visit the Twin Cities, or have even thought about the Twin Cities you must, absolutely must, make a stop by the Target Thrift Store. Say what, there is such a thing? You bet there is and it is my best inanimate friend. 

Now let's be honest, Target is the best store plain and simple for all things, yet their clothing department is where it is at. I always have luck with clothes fitting, remaining high quality, and finding coupons to discount the price. Now apply all these wonderful benefits to a thrift store setting. Could it get much better? 

This underground gem (literally in the basement of a Salvation Army store) has slashed prices off all normal Target-brand apparel and often has further discounts off of that. When searching through their racks I look for functional yet creative pieces that can be work in a variety of settings. 
Gray Patterned Sweater- $8 @ Target Thrift Store
Denim Romper- $5 @ Target Thrift Store
Black Leggings- $6 @ Forever 21
Gray Boot Socks- Christmas Present
Black Boots- $10 @ Target Thrift Store
Silver & Pearl Necklace- $4 @ Turnstyle Consignment Store
Teal Watch- Free @ Target (w/ BOGO coupon)

Have you ever been to the Target Thrift Store? Are there secret thrift stores in your town that you regular? What are some of your favorite thrifted outfits?