What Makes Me, Me

You know the age old joke of the game Apples to Apples? The one in which the cards you end up with supposedly describe you? Not sure I want to admit that these red cards describe my crazy hair, first kiss, love life, mind, and... Jerry Springer.

However there are certain things that make me, well me. And certain things that make you, you. It is a freeing idea once the Dr. Suess-like grammar stumbling block is overcome. Our uniqueness births diverse community and out of that diverse community comes greater understanding for one another and in return what makes us unique.

The overall person that Laura Jean Ecklund is consists of smaller details that make me, me.

::People, People, People:: Certainly you will think I am lying however my honest word will tell you that I scored a full 30/30 points on the extrovert vs introvert scale of the Myers Briggs test erring on the side of extrovert. As all of the introverts hide by the thought of me going out of my way to meet everyone possible, I do exactly that, thrive off of people and lots of them!

::Fancy Pants:: I hardly ever wear sweatshirts or 'casual' clothes unless I am working out. The sweatpants-to-class phase of college never hit me nor did the desire to dress down. Even before my grown up job in which professional clothing is required, my go-to outfits consisted of dresses, skirts, leggings, scarves, cardigans, and pretty necklaces. To me, this is comfortable.

::Stick to the Routine:: If there has ever been a queen of the phrase creatures of habit, it should be me. This girl behind the blog follows schedules, plans, and routine like her life depends on it. There is something about sitting down every Sunday and planning out meals, get togethers, and life for the next week that energizes me. Call me crazy, but I love it.

::Hospitality:: Going hand in hand with my love of people comes my God-given strength of hospitality. The past few years I have been on a journey discovering how much I enjoy generously serving others by inviting them into my space and creating a hospitable environment. Stay tuned tomorrow for why and how I incorporate this as a regular part of my life.

::The Baldness:: Quite possibly the most obvious thing that makes me physically unique is my baldness. Yes, yes, yes it would be somewhat foolish to not include this in what makes me, me so there you have it, I am bald.

How special it is that these things are a part of a larger picture of what makes me, me. Who are you? What makes you uniquely you? How are you distinguished?

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