Advantages of Having a Smaller Blog

Many times have I conversed with you, my readers, about comparison and the thief of joy it can truly be. It is a daily struggle for me to be content in all circumstances and not lust after what others have or appear to be. And guess what? You've told me I'm not alone in this! It is a humbling thing we as a community can strive to improve.

One particular way I have found comparison seep into my heart and mind is unfortunately through blogging. How easy it is to see snapshots, literally pieces, of another's life and think they have it all together or assume what they have is better or more desirable that what I have.

The amount of followers, the popularity of a certain post, the other blogger's Instagram photo that is raved over and yours barely receives attention.. oh how easily joy is stolen in petty comparisons.

But when I really truly think about my dreams and aspirations for this blog, my writing, and connecting with you, my readers, these comparisons are laid to rest as I am pleased and at peace. I love having a smaller blog and find many advantages to it.
::Connecting with Community:: YOU! You are such a huge part of this blog. It is through community that we learn more about ourselves, reveal our hearts, and develop trust and understanding from those different from us. Sure that looks different in an online community compared to in person but it is a joy to share recipes, life's trials, outfit inspirations, and abundant blessings with you! As a smaller blog it is meaningful and significant to know many of my followers whether it be in person, through email conversations, or commenting back and forth. It is important for me to know you!

::Grace:: Believe it or not there is pressure in the blogging world. Albeit likely self-inflicted yet it still exists. Let me fill you in on a secret, I used to get upset with myself if I didn't post five times a week, share enough photos on Instagram, or write a 'quality-enough' post. That's a hard one to admit to the world. But what I am slowly learning is that there is grace, grace among you and grace among me. Having a smaller blog allows me freedom to have a life outside of blogging and cherish the time and effort I do have to invest into this.

::Individuality:: I follow quite a few blogs that have grow in numbers over the months and years. It is wonderful to celebrate their growth and popularity however I have seen some lose their individuality and creativity. They quickly become filled with advertisements and posts that aren't genuine or of original interest. Being honest and genuine is one of the most important values I have in life and blogging. No matter how this blog grows or changes I promise to stay consistent with who I am and share from my heart.

Thank you for growing, listening, and learning with me through this blog. Your presence is valued no matter what the size!