Celebrating Love

Four days away, well technically three if you are counting from midnight to midnight. The day in which one of five things happen: 1. Lovers delight in a special day to celebrate them 2. Singles run and hide 3. Couples and singles alike ignore that it is anything but another normal day 4. Singles embrace the reverse holiday of Single's Awareness Day or 5. Young children innocently collect way too many pixie sticks and chocolate hearts while exchanging Scooby-Doo and Rugrats valentines (that was totally my generation, whoops).

What category do you fall under? I love celebrating anything and everything. I make birthdays way too big of a deal than they have to be and find random excuses to write notes and celebrate non-existent celebrations. To me, it is all too exciting and there is never not a reason to celebrate.

But Valentine's Day, quite honestly, I just don't know about. I feel like at one point in my life or another I have fallen under all five categories and experienced an array of Valentine's stereotypes. What is interesting about this day however is that it is centered around celebrating love. No really, soak that in. Valentine's day celebrates giving love and being loved.

While we will each witness far too many Facebook statuses and Instagram pictures of sappy things couples do that make us want to hide from anything love related whatsoever, there is something special about the idea of celebrating love.

Love of a parent, love of a spouse, love of a passion, love of a mentor, love of a hobby, love of a crush, love of a job.. there is much to love and much to receive love from in our lives regardless of a relationship status on Facebook.

I wonder if maybe the love we give and receive would be more satisfying if it was celebrated more. Valentine's day gives us an excuse to celebrate love, because guess what? It can be!

Sure Jacob and I will likely spend time together this Valentine's day and possibly exchange a few kind love words but friends let's actually make a point to celebrate love-genuine, true, deep, satisfying love. Love that only comes from our Heavenly Father, love that keeps no record of wrong, and love that can be found in oh so many crevices of our hearts.

What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day? How do you celebrate? Is there a way you make this day more significant than the cliche Hallmark videos?

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