Dressing Up the Cubicle

Holy moly it is hard to believe I have been at my job as an admissions counselor for over seven months now. Parts of the year seem like they blurred on by and others seem like I've been doing this forever, depends on the day I suppose.

For majority of the fall I was traveling to high schools, college fairs, and one on ones with students from across the country. My office space looked more like my cell phone charging on my car battery in between appointments responding to random emails and finding a hotel for the night.

While I do miss the random adventures and seeing new places I can't complain about a for real desk, spending time with my coworkers in the office (yes, even you Ross), and having a more consistent schedule. Over these slow winter months my cubicle has slowly but surely become more Laura-like. Who doesn't love some decorating to make the 8-5s more valuable?
How do you make your cubicle a friendly place? What does your daily work look like? What decorations are special to you? Why is your workplace meaningful to you?

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