February 2014 Recap

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The teensy-weensy month of February that is a great divide for the cold winter months and the hope of spring has come and gone.

Acting as a transitional month for many areas of life, not just the weather, February found itself sandwiched between January, a month of no traveling, to March which will include on-the-road-every-day traveling. Fort Dodge welcomed me for a quick overnight trip to their local college fair where I met the sweetest of girls who is already passionate about Northwestern and serving God's kingdom.

Work kept all of us busy with a multitude of campus visitors, financial aid training, and my dream come true of cookies in our office for prospective students and their families. My cubicle has finally become more comfortable and welcoming with addition of decorations and dressing it up.

Love abounded this month with the celebration of giving love and being loved not just on Valentine's Day but everyday. There is something so special and satisfying in celebrating and acknowledging a love that is not our own. Something that isn't as lovely is our engagement ring crisis I shared with you! Luckily we have found a few potential answers and everything is coming together.

Great peace has been found in praying through the Psalms as my dear friend Peggy went to be with the Lord this month after a long battle with Cancer. God is good and will remain faithful even through grieving her loss and presence here among us.

In my continual pursuit to find beauty in everyday places, God revealed himself in the intricate details of life. The stillness of long, slender icicles, the contrast of bright red berries and stark white snow, the creativity of local store owners, the moment of it being fifty degrees and feeling like you are on top of the world.

As February draws to an end I am especially thankful for what Jesus is teaching me about justice, advocating for those without a voice, and sharing grace with my neighbors in pursuit of daily life. Like I shared yesterday, today we are off on a new adventure to incorporate these beautiful truths in Lindale, Texas. Here we come March!

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