Our Friend Peggy

Our friend Peggy is now experiencing the fullness of eternal life, praise Jesus! Jessica and I were immensely blessed by the opportunity care for Peggy this past summer and share life together.

While sorrow and grieving is definitely present we are so thankful for the memories we had together and the complete healing and restoration she is now experiencing. Her knowledge of crime shows was impeccable, love for her thunder-storm hating dog was incomparable, and witty personality was unwavering.

Jessica and I would at times dread the door bell noise that rang in the middle of the night causing us to get up however we were always greeted with a funny moment or situation that is cherished to this day. In some of the most challenging times, Peggy's humor brought joy and peace just where it was needed.

It sometimes seems unreal to think back on the tiny loft with no doors Jessica and I shared, gossiping with Peggy over her love of tall and strong black men, the times we cuddled Jazz (the dog) in the midst of thunder storms, when we listened to Peggy talk yell on the phone with her almost deaf mother, watching movies that I either guessed the ending to or creeped us out to no end, the many times Peggy or her aids would inquire about our daily runs, the unending supply of sweets on hand (sometimes hidden per Peggy's request from her teenage son), and the many other beautiful moments that are now distant memories.

We loved our friend Peggy and always will.

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