Relevant Reading

On a semi-frequent basis I have been known to post about what I am currently reading whether it be books, articles, blog posts, you name it. One place I frequent for wholesome reading and thought provoking articles is Relevant Magazine.
This is likely no shocker for those in Christian circles as articles are passed on here and there in the Facebook world and get quite a few amens stirred from the bench of the faithful. While I am not a huge fan of things gone viral, I do think there is beauty, creativity, and uniqueness in the articles Relevant publishes.

Below are some of my latest favorites. If you've read them or decide to read them I would love to start a conversation and discussion about them. Reading is a great thing but oh how much greater it is when it's followed up by further dialogue.

The Promise You Can't Keep: Why happiness is the result, not the reason for a good marriage

Why Your Relationship With God Shouldn't Just Be Personal: Our faith is about more than just us

84-Year-Old Nun Sent to Prison for Defacing Nuclear Weapons Facility

What Gossip Actually Does: 5 ways critical talk has more to say about the talker than the target

12 Essential Bonhoeffer Quotes: The famed theologian's birthday would have been this week, so here's some of his timeless wisdom

What are your initial thoughts? How does reading influence your view of the world? What conversations are you currently having over articles or books? Share your thoughts, let's talk!