Thrift Store Thursday: Comfortable Work Attire

All throughout high school and college my friends joked about how much I dressed up on a daily basis. Never once would you catch me wearing sweatpants to class or rolling out of bed without a decently nice outfit on. Some may classify that as high maintenance but I can assure you it simply is not true.

I feel most like myself and comfortable when I wear skirts, dresses, and cardigans. No I'm not out there stopping the show with high heels and parkas, but looking nice and feeling good is something I value. This made the transition from student to work relatively simple as some of my previous everyday outfits also became versatile for the working world.

Behind this thrifting gem of an outfit comes versatile pieces that work for both work and play. Olive green is by far my favorite color and the chambray look is totally in right now. All thrifted my friends! You can do it too.

Chambray Shirt- $5 at Turnstyle (Lakeville, MN)
White Cardigan- $8 off Target clearance rack (Eagan, MN)
Green & Blue Patterned Scarf- $1.50 off Target clearance rack (Holland, MI)
Olive Green Bow Skirt- $10 at Target Thrift Store (Minneapolis, MN)

How are you feeling about Thrift Store Thursdays? Have you been inspired in your thrifting endeavors? How does your style stay the same or different from work to play?