Thrift Store Thursday: Neutral Colors

Three things you should know about my style is that 1. Majority of my clothing is from thrift stores or clearance racks (you already knew that though based on this post series) 2. Scarves are considered an everyday essential 3. Layering is a must with how cold my body always is. 

Lo and behold this Thrift Store Thursday post incorporates all three! Neutral colors are my favorite. I love that you can mix and match them so easily as well as keep an outfit consistent. All about efficiency my friends. 

My secret behind this outfit is combining pieces I normally would not have put together. Black and brown? I'd typically say no way, but because of the different textures, shades, and layers all combined it creates a great look. 

Another little secret when it comes to thrifting is to look in unordinary places. Sometimes sizes can be mixed up and you will find a hidden medium within the XXL section. Other times you can make otherwise too big of things work with some creativity or small DIY alterations. For this outfit, the brown sweater is actually a maternity piece! Who would've known?
Tan Button Down Tunic- $6 at Nearly New Town (Rock Valley, IA)
Brown Pullover [Maternity] Sweater- $4 at Clothes Mentor (Apple Valley, MN)
Brown Multicolored Scarf- Thanks mom!
Mossimo Black Skinny Jeans- Borrowed from friend
Brown Mossimo Combat Boots- $20 Target Clearance Rack