August 2014 Recap

Friends, August is nearly over. A part of me has died inside as summer is quickly trading clear sunny skies and laid back moments for a hectic fall season. But who can pass up the cozy layers, warm beverages, and football seasons that are to come? 

As every month seems to, August came and went in a pinch. The beginning of the month found me in a whirlwind after gallivanting across the Midwest to visit Chicago and Michigan. Our home was opened up to many friends, I believe we had over ten stay overnight in the month of August alone, and we were blessed by the presence of welcoming others to live alongside us here and there. 

After significant time spent processing, dreaming, and reevaluating I jumped back into the community of blogging with two feet and a full heart - best choice ever. Thank you for joining me! I have been welcomed back with open arms and am pumped for what is to come on According to Laura Jean. Side note, thanks for making Wedding Wednesdays a thing. You are fantastic. 

We were faced with back to back weekends in the Twin Cities, always a favorite but always too much driving. The marriage uniting Tyler and Emily was one of the happiest celebrations of the summer and a much needed reunion with those who know us best. The dessert bar bridal shower that screamed all things Gina wrapped up our summer season of all things wedding related. Not going to lie, we were a wee bit wedding-ed out after seven weddings this summer including our own.

More and more we are finding that our schedules will always be full no matter what season of life we are in. The next three months honestly terrify me - I am facing a loaded travel season, we are gearing up for five more weddings before the year is over, and free time is at a minimum. It is essential for us to create moments of harmony and unity within our everyday and seek beauty within them. 

Tell me about your August!
What was life-giving, unexpected, or notable?