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There is a difference between great intentions and actually executing those ideas into reality. It is hard to believe it has been five months since I stepped away from my love of blogging. It was somewhat on a whim but if I am honest with myself, I knew it was coming. 

The turn of seasons from winter to spring found us knee-deep in preparing for marriage, soaking up many special memories before dear friends graduated, and the need to be especially present for life's current moments. Blogging had become more and more of a chore to keep up with rather than the enjoyable space I had intended it to be. 

But, enough of the sap story and excuses. After getting wed on the most rainy day of the year, celebrating extraordinary moments with our closest, and experiencing true refreshment from being away, I am back and more excited than ever about this space I call According to Laura Jean. My dreams and ideas for blogging have been running wild as of lately and I am so pleased to share with you in my primary goal of creating an intentional online space dedicated to making you feel welcome and at home. 

Over time you will be caught up in all that has happened since I've been gone but for now, welcome here. Welcome to this place I call home and I hope you do as well. Welcome to a community that gives to one another. Welcome to a space that encourages genuine interactions, freedom and growth in thought, and creativity on all levels. Welcome to this collaborative movement where people and their stories matter most. Welcome home.

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