Catching Up

All photo credit given to Aaron Robert Photography LLC
To form the experiences we have had over the past five months into words seems near impossible. They have been some of the fullest, most glorious memories of my life. 

The spring darted by with bridal showers, last moments spent with friends before graduation, and sweet time with family. Jacob and I were blessed with the certainty of a post-graduation job for him and me continuing in admissions for another year. Although Orange City is skimpy on the housing options, a perfect apartment became available and we transitioned our lives into it leading up to the big day. Wedding plans slowly strung together and we anticipated marriage with open hearts and minds. 

Wedding week came and went faster than we could have prepared for but oh my was I in heaven being the extreme extrovert and people-person I am. Each day more and more friends came to town, it was a dream come true to have everyone we deeply cared for in the same exact place for a whole entire weekend. Special memories were formed over the goofy rehearsal, getting ready period, torrential rain storm, forgetting of my vows, and celebrating the night away. We could not have asked for a more special day and are so thankful for the greatest of friends and family who support and encourage us as well as made it possible.

The Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee welcomed us for a week long honeymoon. Our cozy mountain view cabin was a romantic getaway. We hiked, white water rafted, explored the local digs, and ate at delicious one of a kind restaurants (the British Pub was our fave). It was the perfect amount of time to refresh ourselves and enjoy our first week of marriage.

The rest of the summer has been filled with weddings upon weddings and celebrating with our dearest friends as they enter this next stage of life as well. Although it has been busy, what a joy it has been to take this journey with several couples that we are close to. Biking is a daily after-work activity along with trying new recipes, organizing our apartment, and hosting guests. I took a trip to Chicago and Michigan at the end of July to spend quality time with distant friends. These last few weeks will be spent at a slower pace before my traveling starts again.

So how about that for a grand ole wrap up? There's an abundant amount of memories and experiences that have slipped through the nooks and crannies of this overview. But for now this hopefully has caught you up to speed and given you an insight to where I am at in the here and now.

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