Dessert Bar Bridal Shower

It's that time of life. Love is in the air and friends are getting married every weekend. I've been told it is the age I am but I have a sneaky suspicion this will reoccur in 2-3 years when bridal showers are exchanged for baby showers. But alas we are not to that point yet so let's celebrate Gina and her dessert bar bridal shower that took place this past Sunday.

Gina is a girly girl at heart, has a rich sweet tooth, and loves her coffee like none other. In planning her bridal shower it took me in one clear path.. a bright and beautiful dessert bar bridal shower filled with all things she loves. The menu included French Almond Croissants, Double Cherry Cake, Blueberry/Apple/Cherry Miniature Pies, Homemade Fruit Ice Cream, and French Macaroons. To wet the palette, Tangerine Cranberry Italian Soda, Cranberry Mint Iced Tea, and an Iced Coffee Bar was provided. 

I love entertaining at the core because it brings smiles to others faces and joy to hearts. This day was truly a celebration of this radiant bride. October 12th is right around the corner for the future Mrs. Brandow!

What are your favorite events to host? Are you in a certain stage of life when it comes to the events your attending or life experiences you are having?

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