Heart to Heart // The Embarrassment of a Blogger

Can we have confession time for a few moments? Sometimes, if not most of the time, I am mildly embarrassed to talk about my blog in person. You are right, it seems rather silly being that talking and blogging are two of my favorite things in life. But yet it is true #honesty.

When the conversation is brought up in a variety of different settings my face starts to turn pink and a sinking feeling in my stomach rises up #reallyhonestnow. I am proud of the work put into this blog and love having this space to pour into yet when the attention turns to me and why I blog or what I blog about, a tad bit of embarrassment surfaces. The phrase I have a blog has turned more into a whisper than an exciting passion to share with others face to face. 

Sitting down to write and dream with you is an open and welcome book. I like to think you understand what this space is for, while in person there is this undue pressure to defend why. The question is always why, as if one cannot come up with a good enough reason for why I would choose to blog. Just as some enjoy reading books, watching movies, or playing games (all of which I enjoy too), blogging is something I want and choose to make a part of my everyday. 

It gets tiresome to continually be asked oh are you taking pictures for your blog? Actually no, I really enjoy having my camera on me and capturing lives everyday moments. Sure they might get added to my blog but that is not the intended purpose. Or actually yes that is why I have a tripod set up in the middle of a field as I try to get pictures for an outfit post #obviously. And then there is the age old question of can you write a blog post about me/this/my crush? Oh yes, I hear all the suggestions just enough to encourage everyone to start a blog of their own.

You see maybe it is just me being awkward #arealpossibility yet I wonder if my other blog friends feel similarly. This face to face culture around blogging derives mixed feelings for someone like me who throws a dash too much time, love, and energy into this passion. When being asked pointedly, it is taken personally as if everything you have made this to be is up against misunderstanding.

So please, share your thoughts on the subject. What is it like for you when others ask about your blog in person? How do you respond or share about your passions? If you are on the other end of the spectrum, what thoughts are behind your conversations with bloggers? What do you want to know more about? Let's start a discussion on this and gain insight from all different perspectives. Ready, go!

P.S. Please still talk with me about my blog! I do not intend to scare anyone off just wanted to express my thoughts and start a discussion.

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