My Style // The Start to a Capsule Wardrobe

Here is a little story for your Thursday. Lately there has been this theme going around in the blogging world called the capsule wardrobe. You can read more about it here and here but essentially it is the idea that less is more and quality over quantity when it comes to our wardrobes. I mean really, I can be the first to admit I have clothes from way back when, ones I never touch, and others I do not feel confident in. Why am I still holding on to them?

Anyways, I became inspired to build my own capsule wardrobe and go through a huge purge of all my clothes. This also happened right about the time of getting married and moving so I was on somewhat of a roll with downsizing. Let's just say I maybe got a little bit too carried away and donated a good three/fourths of my entire closet leaving it bare bones.

At the end of July I had a trip planned to Chicago so I was bound and determined to hold out until then to start the process of building a more simplistic and Laura-like wardrobe. Finally that time came and while it is only a start I was able to accumulate a few key pieces to start building a closet that I love, is versatile, and I feel great in.
White Sweater//Anne Taylor Loft   Coral Skirt//Forever 21   Brown Boots//Old Navy

What pieces are staples in your wardrobe? Have you worked on a capsule wardrobe this summer? Tell me about it!

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