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Let me tell you how thrilled I am to share this post with you today featuring my August sponsors of According to Laura Jean. These ladies are my favorites. They have encouraged me greatly throughout my blogging journey and are on my everyday read list of blogs. When I boast of the blogging community I am thankful to have, these ladies make up a large part of that and are so intentional with their words.

Please click around and visit their blogs and social media sites - you won't be disappointed. Without further ado here they are sharing a moment or memory that want to hold onto from this summer.

Samantha // Elah Tree // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter
This summer has been a whirl wind of events and it holds so many special memories, I'm not sure I could pick one. Tyler and I made some amazing memories taking in beautiful sites of SoCal, visiting Paramount Ranch and Point Dum. I got to see my brother graduate Basic Training and begin his next adventure as an Army Office. We also got to hangout with old friends which was magical. So many moments worth holding on to this summer. 

Katie // Woolen Mittens // Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest
There are so many new experiences to remember as Jake and I traveled across the Mitten to live in Ann Arbor. One of the best memories of the summer was kayaking for the first time in a double kayak together down the Huron River. It was full of both adventure and peace while admiring God's beautiful creation.

Meg // Rivers & Roads // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter
I spent a long weekend in Colorado with my best friends at the very beginning of the summer. I don't think I can pick just one moment from those days. It was the time spent together around the dinner table, the deep heart talk, being asked to be a bridesmaid in my dear sister's wedding, and the laughing til we cried. I hang on to those moments because they are important. It's during those moments that community grows and relationships are strengthened.

Betsy // Heavens to Betsy // Instagram // Facebook // Pinterest
The memory that I want to hold onto for this summer is from a bike ride that I took with my dad on father’s day.  It was just such a great afternoon to be out together and get to do something that he loves doing with him!  Those daddy-daughter moments don’t happen as often as I’d like them to, so I’m cherishing the ones I do get!

What is a memory you want to hold onto from this summer?
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