Wedding Wednesday: The Invitations

Weddings cost money and it saddens me the dime some people choose to pay for one day rather than investing in a lifetime. Jacob and I worked under a specific budget while planning our wedding and were very cautious on how we spent it. Our biggest priority from day one was to have everyone we wanted to be there be able to be. This funneled the majority of our budget towards food and catering meaning everything else was done out of frugality.

It was a fun challenge to think innovatively on how to cut costs and creatively come up with DIY ways of doing everything. One of my favorite ideas we came up with was a clever save the date video. We knew printing and postage adds up if we were to send something out whereas email and sharing a video was absolutely free! Stop motion is a form of videography in which you take what seems like exactly one million pictures, put them altogether, and play them really fast in the form of a video. Take a look at our finished result:

Our invitations were a beast to create but with the help of my stud sister who can make dreams come true in the graphic design world, we created, printed, assembled, and sent out our invitations all on our own. We counted up the costs and realized it would save a lot of money to buy our own printer, not to mention we needed one anyways, and use that to whip them out. 

After perusing the interwebs and gathering a better idea of what we wanted our invites to look like, Leah went to work on designing them. You should definitely take a stop by her Facebook page as she is exploding with creative juices. We were highly pleased with the paper we ordered from The Paper Source and were able to print and assemble them all within a few nights of work.

There were three inserts we included 1. The invitation itself 2. Directions and lodging information 3. The RSVP post card and we sealed it together with a stamped emblem and striped yarn. Walah! There you have Laura and Jacob's DIY wedding invitations. Simple, classy, and cost effective says it all.

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