Wedding Wednesday: The Overview

All photo credit given to Aaron Robert Photography LLC
I am excited to announce that each Wednesday on According to Laura Jean will be Wedding Wednesday to share about our day and how it all came together. Honestly the thought of going back through the stages of wedding planning makes me cringe. However planning a day that was completely DIY, cost-effective, and true to who Jacob and I both are was something special that deserves sharing.

From day one of envisioning our wedding we had two priorities: 1. People come first. Having everyone we wanted to be there be able to attend was huge and 2. Always being cognoscente of preparing more for our marriage than one single day. With that framework in mind we dreamed, budgeted, and refined the overarching idea and smaller details of June 7th, 2014.

We both love the outdoors, flowers, and everything natural. This spurred on ideas surrounding pastel colors, garden-like decorations, and naturally beautiful elements. Being the creative minded person I am and money conscious soul Jacob is, we decided to take on pretty much everything under our own belts including flowers, invitations, decorations, and apparel.

It was both adventurous and time consuming but looking back we wouldn't have done it any other way. Jacob surpassed the typical groom, not surprising to those who know him, and shared equally in the wedding planning responsibilities. I was especially grateful for this in the midst of my travel season and being away for several months. We centered all of our decisions around our two top priorities mentioned above and went from there.

Stay tuned for future weeks of Wedding Wednesdays in which I will share practical DIY projects, specifics on how we planned what we did, and details about our special day.

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