Wedding Wednesday: The Photography

All photography credit given to our one of a kind photographer Aaron Parsons Photography

Our wedding was the most freezing cold, rainy day June has ever seen, I am sure of it. Do you know what does not go well with this weather? You guessed it - wedding pictures! The dress turned out fabulous, invitations cordially invited our guests, and the day was celebrated through the rain and shivers. However, we would not be able to relive the special day in such a way without our rock star, improviser of a photographer Aaron. 

Wedding photography is expensive - let me tell you. The work put in by photographers is incredible and definitely worthy of a steep price per wedding. For those on a strict budget, like we were however, it seems like there are not a whole lot of options. We met with a few photographers but had an uneasy feeling with putting forth such a significant amount of money for something that seemed somewhat selfish. Some may take offense to this and I apologize for that, everyone has their own top priorities and this was simply not one of ours. 

After following an old coworker and friend's Facebook photography page for a year or two, I decided to go out on a whim and ask if he would ever consider doing our wedding. Up until that point he primarily focused on senior pictures, families, and engagement pictures but his talent is unmatched and it was a familiar face. Sure enough we worked out all the details, got an absolutely phenomenal deal, and were able to partner with our good friend Aaron from Aaron Robert Photography.

We had a few initial hesitations about going with someone who had not officially shot a wedding before but it was one of the best decisions we made in our wedding planning process. The photographers we visited with prior to Aaron all had very staged and typical shots they took at every wedding. It seemed as though their creative spark had normalized. Aaron's eye for details and special moments is remarkable. He picked up on things that we did not even know happened on our wedding day. Aaron was also so willing and open to get to know us individually and what we truly wanted for this day whereas the other photographers did not have this focus.

Sure it was a bit of a risk but one that paid itself over tenfold. If you are in Minnesota and looking for a photographer we will recommend Aaron everyday for the rest of our lives. Even if you are not in the area check out his work and like his page - you will be impressed. 

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