Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. Yogurt on sale makes Laura and Jacob go a bit overboard. But seriously, what beats 29 cent yogurt? There are no other options than to stock up and buy 30. Tell me I'm not alone?

2. House guests are my favorite. Hospitality is one of my gifts and it brings me so much joy to open up our home to others. This past week we've had a full house with friends from afar visiting. Thank goodness for fellowship at the table.

3. Glamour is a funny thing. It changes constantly in small ways but transforms over decades. This weekend we celebrated Britta, the lovely bride-to-be, and gushed over these vintage prints from the past.  

4. Midwest county fairs are in full swing this time of year. Whenever I would complain as a child and say something wasn't fair, my parents would remark "Laura the fair isn't till August!" Oh the wittiness of my folks. Looks like I made it to another August lovin' fair season.

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What was special about your weekend? What was significant and memorable? What are you looking forward to about this upcoming week?