Week's End Wrap Up

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1. This week has been filled with socializing and what better way is there to get together with friends than with homemade ice cream (only made with fruit = the best) and games. We may live in small town Iowa but game nights with our favorites sure do liven things up.

2. The wedding weekend of the century was upon us as we celebrated our best friend Tyler's big day and threw a shower for one of my bridesmaids Gina. Preparing food and baking called for one huge Walmart trip.

3. Seriously though, these guys crack me up. They have been together their whole lives and how fun it is to celebrate big life moments together. They are our core group (minus Weston whom we miss very much as he serves in the marines) and leave it to them to come up with the most random picture poses. Congrats Tyler and Emily!

4. Gina's dessert bar bridal shower was a hit! Entertaining and hosting brings me so much joy that is truly captured by this picture. Smiles and conversations like this make it all worth it. Stay tuned for more details later this week about her shower. 

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What I Love About Instagram

-This article gives such a great perspective on what is truly important in life!
-I love this post idea, especially for newlyweds, not to mention Haley is adorable.
-The importance to saying YES to children.. how valuable it is to give them experiences out of a genuine heart rather than the inconvenience it may cause us.

Well, that's a wrap up of another week. I cannot believe how fast these last summer weeks are going by. Do you have any plans in store to end out your summer?