Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. I want this moment from my Michigan trip to be captured forever. The sun setting over a place that means oh so much to me represents the dimming of one season of my life while forever holding on to its' radiant light.

2. Wednesday nights in Orange City are something else. Each week of the summer there is a different type of entertainment, this week being a comic stunt juggler. Jake's curiosity led us straight to the park to find a mediocre at best performer. But hey, it's all about the community, right?

3. Morning light glows in our apartment. We do not have great natural lighting normally but the meekness of the morning shines through in golden rays. 

4. Nothing can beat The Old Factory breakfast dates. This Saturday morning consisted of sleeping in, eating breakfast burritos together, and Jacob playing video games while I blogged. 

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-These books just look too tempting not to read - adding them to my fall read list.
-Chipotle is my obsession and I am not ashamed of it. This weekend the husband and I tried out this copy cat recipe and were dancing around the kitchen it was so delicious.
-What a clever way to organize shoes and winter gear!

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