What I Love About Instagram

Printed Instagram Polaroids from Foxgram

I am quite possibly Instagram's biggest fan. It is by far the most used app on my phone and you can find me on it far too often than I care to admit. The double tap to heart is just too addicting not to mention hash tag projects, the inspiration behind creative photos, and commenting on favorite pictures. 
We created #jacobandlauratietheknot for our wedding and instantly had 40+ more candid photos of our big day to share and revel in. How great is that? Oh Instagram how I adore thee.

Captures the Everyday
I have somewhat of a fuss behind photography and the way it is sometimes used to make life look perfect. I often get caught in the trap of comparing and need to remind myself that this is simply a picture or snapshot of another's life. Instagram is wonderful in the sense that it captures the everyday and shares moments with others. It is a way to keep up with my sister hours away and see what she ate for dinner, it helps me be a part of a wedding that I was unable to attend, it let's me peak inside a day in the life of my favorite bloggers. 

Creative Outlet
Instagram encourages me to be creative and think outside of the box. Who wants to see a selfie every single day? #pleasedontsayyoudo I find myself challenged to try out a new camera angle, look at lighting differently, and notice moments of my everyday that I have not before. 

Connection to Community
The Instagram community is one of a kind. We share, grow, and celebrate life's journey and everyday moments together. Have you heard of the Instagram community #holdersnotfolders? Meg and Beth put this grand idea together of creating a hashtag to hold onto one another rather than folding into ourselves. It's all about choosing community over isolation. You should join in! 

What do you love about Instagram? Jacob and I have a big weekend ahead of us with being in a dear friend's wedding and hosting the bridal shower of the century. Follow along in the weekend craziness @accordingtolaurajean. See you there!

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