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This little blog has accumulated quite the readership as of lately and I am thankful for the abundance of support. Betsy and Z both wrote a behind the blog post recently and I realized you may be interested in the background of According to Laura Jean. Here we go with all the ins and outs and details of my corner of the internet.

Favorite Post to Write // I love sharing my heart on hospitality and giving and this post was a favorite of mine to write about the importance of sharing around the table.

Most Frustrating Photo Shoot // There is no specific post that was especially frustrating to shoot however our home does not contain much natural light and that proves to be difficult to get natural photos. It can also be frustrating working 8-5 in the winter when those are the only hours of daylight in the Midwest.

Post I'm Most Proud Of // I am proud of the post I wrote about conversations with a bald girl. It was something I had been processing and laughing about for awhile so I especially enjoyed sharing these conversations with you.

Popular Post I Didn't Think Would Be a Big Deal // Earlier this year Jacob and I were undergoing my engagement ring crisis and I decided to blog about it to see if anyone had answers. Unfortunately nobody had good answers but the post took off and many many people made it into a big deal. Thanks friends for the moral support!

Post I was Expecting to Take Off That Didn't // I was hoping my DIY wedding bouquets would take off a bit more on Pinterest as I was pumped about how accessible the tutorial was. However it is a rather recent post so there is time for it to take off still.

The Closest Pinterest Famous I Have Ever Gotten // This Apple Cinnamon Bread Recipe took off on Pinterest after originally posting two years ago. Apparently people like it!

Quickest Post I've Ever Written // My week's end wrap-up posts are fairly quick to write since they are the same format every week and essentially give me the opportunity to relive and process everything that happened.

Weirdest Search Term to Find My Blog // Apparently seventeen people have come to my blog in search of coupons to Chili's the restaurant. I'm guessing they have not found what they are looking for but hopefully they stuck around!

What are some of your favorite posts?
What other details behind According to Laura Jean would you like to know?

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