How to Optimize Pinterest for Blogging

Pinterest is one of a kind to say the least. I have a love hate relationship with it that sways between obsessing over beautiful creations and inspirations to the negatives of comparison and unrealistic expectations it easily provides. Nonetheless it is a great resource for bloggers and creative lovers alike.

It was not until recently that I realized just how crucial Pinterest is to the growth of a blogging community and the sharing of ideas. In the past it was easy enough to pin a few images from my blog here and there and hope for the best - some have taken off, others have not. My boards included a smorgasbord of ideas including everything from dorm decorating to wedding plans to cleaning tips and tricks from years ago. There was no consistency and no organization. 

This weekend however Laura's Pinterest underwent a major overhaul and is now more pinner-friendly and optimized for the blogging community. It may seem daunting but here is a place to get started for creating the space to grow your Pinterest presence.

Title Consistency 
Maybe it is the perfectionist within me but I strongly gravitate towards pinners who have consistent board titles. Choose a simple way to organize your titles and stick to it. Almost all of my boards are one to the point word or phrase and are alphabetized giving easy awareness to those looking on. Do not only organize them in a way that makes sense for you but a way that makes sense for others.

Relative Boards & Pins
Previously my boards included pins that were only partially relative to the board itself. For example, my decorating board included 200+ pins of everything from kitchens to laundry rooms to outdoor spaces. Talk about sporadic. By creating more specific boards that are easier to navigate, a pinner can go straight to my // Kitchen // board and know that is exactly what they will find. For better publicity of your pins, be sure to categorize each board and add a fun description.

Board Covers
This one is crucial - first glances and appearances are everything. They always say don't judge a book by its cover but we all know this is true at times. When a pinner approaches your boards for the first time you want their eyes to be drawn in and their fingers to actually click on each board. Choose captivating images for each of your boards that represent what each is about.

Vertical Photos
I was late to the ballgame on this one. For far too long I pinned whatever images came directly from my blog. Did you know vertical photos are pinned at a much higher rate compared to horizontal photos? To truly optimize your photos for Pinterest capitalize on vertical photos. The best sizes for viewing are 736x1128 and 736x2748. Notice how this pin is much more noticeable than the rest surrounding it.

A Blog Specific Board
Finally, create a board specific to your blog containing your original content and images. This gives pinners a go to place to promote and share your pins without having to dig through other boards. I personally created two boards - one including pins from my blog and another with pins and ideas for my blog. Both helpful resources to the blogging community but marketed in a different fashion.

What helps you optimize Pinterest? What pins are most popular from your blog?
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