Striped Dress Style

I'm going through two phases and there is no shame in admitting it - I want everything striped and gold in my closet - as in like separate entities. However now that I think about it something gold and striped would not be too shabby.

Now that I am truly focusing on a capsule wardrobe and only allowing necessities and the best of the best into my closet, I knew stripes had to make an appearance in some fashion or another. I searched high and low all summer for a striped three-quarters length shirt. It was my vision and I was chasing after it. You would not think this is too much to ask, would you? Well apparently it was as nothing turned up.

My heart was saddened, until I found this cute little dress that rocked my wardrobe. I love dresses, I could live in dresses, in fact I pretty much do. Pants never seem to fit right on my long legs and they are uncomfortable anyways. It was a rapid decision when the dress fit my qualifications: fits perfectly, is functional and versatile, and is something I actually need. Welcome to my closet striped dress, you have gained popularity quickly!

Striped Dress // Target   Aqua Scarf // Forever 21   Blue Watch // Target

What are some items on your fall must have list? Are you going through any phases?

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