Our One Car Decision

Life comes with many decisions and we are faced with at least one in nearly every circumstance. Should I choose to eat breakfast or sleep in five more minutes? Do the blue or brown shoes match better with this outfit? Will participating in an activity fill or drain me?

Life also has different seasons and we are faced with both minor and major decisions that are largely influenced by the season of life we find ourselves in. Instead of simply should I eat breakfast or sleep in five more minutes, the question finds itself within a context of limited sleep during a busy period of work, home, and friends making that five minutes feel that much more appealing.

Decisions and seasons. This is where Jacob and I stood contemplating this past spring. Faced with a graduation, a new apartment, marriage, the work place, and many transitions we knew decisions had to be made based on the season of life we were entering. We made an ambitious and aggressive goal to pay off all of our student loans in two years, making that our financial priority.

The biggest result of this decision downsized us to a one car family. Now this is not just any one car - it is Florence our lime green Ford Fiesta hatchback whom we love dearly. Post-graduation we each had relatively nice cars and decided it would be in our best interest to embrace small town life fully and go solo with Florence.

Not only did this allow room for some financial freedom to focus more money on our student loan goal but we have been able to do what we love more. We bike pretty much everywhere we can and this is my main mode of transportation. I would have never imagined it when we first made the decision but the mile bike ride to and from work is one of the best ways to start and end my work day. It creates natural space to prepare, process, and debrief every day and is a built in energy boost.

This decision certainly is not for everyone nor is it for our entire lives. This decision was rooted in the season of life we are currently in and our priorities. This decision is definitely is not drama free, especially once the snow comes I can imagine, but for now Florence and our bikes are our BFFs.

What minor or major decisions have you come to in different seasons of life?
Looking back, how have you grown from them? 

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