Wedding Wednesday: The Decorations

Decorations are my thing. Many parts of our wedding day went without huge preferences and were simply decided upon to check another thing off the list. Decorations though, those were my baby. I love love love envisioning beautiful spaces and making them a reality. Just ask my patient mom who looked through hundreds of style guides I created as a child and had her choose the best one for a bedroom makeover, wardrobe redo, landscaping renovation, you name it.

All of our decorations were dreamed up by me and executed by those who so graciously gave of their time and efforts. We had quite the team. Bunting - or the little flags that decorated our entire wedding - consumed most of our time. Cutting, measuring, sewing, stringing, let's just say it was meticulous but oh so worth it.

We filled bird cages, vases, and pots with romantic fake flowers and spread my grandmother's vintage doilies around the entire reception hall. Anything that was pastel, vintage, or garden-like was thrown into the mix and incorporated somehow in decorating for the ceremony and reception.

My sister also did a fantastic job of not only making our invitations but also creating our guestbook. Each guest was able to sign a little bunting flag and it is now a permanent decoration in our house. It brings a smile to my face every time I look at it!

If you would like to know more details about how a specific decoration was made or put together, or if you have other questions regarding the decorations, ask away below. As a conclusion to Wedding Wednesday in a few weeks I am holding an FAQ session. Ask anything and everything below about our wedding or marriage. Ready, go!

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