Wedding Wednesday: The Perfect Wedding

Photo taken after my vows were forgotten and scrambled through the entire church to find in the middle of the ceremony. That's how we do weddings.

There is a certain buzz about weddings - that everything can and should be perfect, exactly as the bride and groom envisioned it, and a dream of itself. I will be the first to admit that it can be all too easy to critique and comment on other weddings. You know the emcee that is way too awkward for anyone's good, the color palette you would never put together, or the bride who forgets her own personally written vows (yep, that last one was definitely me).

We all try to make our weddings perfect and perfect is different in the eyes of everyone. There was a specific moment I remember clearly in the wedding planning process. It was about three weeks before our big day and a rush of panic and relief came over me that the way I look will be the way I look on my wedding day and it will be the way it will be. Profound, eh? It was a moment of realizing no more working out, arranging centerpieces, or rewriting my vows would make this day more perfect.

You see my perspective has changed on the other side of the wedding threshold. What makes a wedding day, even my own wedding, perfect is not an amazing emcee, a color palette that goes flawlessly together, or a bride whose vows are ready and present (although that last one might be a good thing to check twice on). Being who we naturally are and experiencing the fullness of happiness and joy in our full capacity is what this day is all about.

Weeks, months, and years will pass and that five more pounds you could have lost or song you wanted to add to the dance playlist will fade. What remains in pure memory rather is the encouragement and support of a genuine community that gathers around to celebrate love. Love from God and between one another.

So here is an ode to unperfect weddings that are made perfect through experience instead of plans. Who is with me on this one?

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