Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. Lunch breaks mildly bother me because I would rather keep working and plugging away at things than stopping for a whole hour and attempting to start again. But I know they are needed for me and I savor the peace and quiet that hour provides each day.

2. Goodnight world. Sleep is an incredible concept to me. How beautiful is it that God created our bodies to intentionally lay down and rest in order to keep going? It blows my mind.

3. Friday nights in a small town can get sparse. This past Friday we had the best of intentions to liven it up among our core group of friends to grill out and play sand volleyball. Thank you rain for changing plans. We were still able to play indoors and exercise my far less than wonderful skills.

4. Forever young should be Jacob and my motto. The exploration of Sioux Falls was on Saturday's adventure list and that sure was accomplished. We may or may not have spent a significant portion of our time playing in an unoccupied sprinkler park.

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Happy Labor Day dear ones!
How are you spending this glorious day off?