Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. Add Smokey Row to your must stop Iowa coffee shops. When I am traveling through the area I end up basically living at this gem of a location. Real food is comforting to a traveling stomach and their chicken tortilla soup is to die for.

2. Libraries have charm, adventure, and discovery all in one place. It astounds me that so many books of so many different topics of so many kinds can all be in one place. My love for learning explodes when I am found in a library.

3. Oh hey that's me! I finally got an Orange City Library Card. It has only taken four years but I finally stopped by and scooped up way too many audio books for my long hours in the car. The Best of NPR is the one I am most looking forward to.

4. Fall's first fruits are coming out of the woodworking in Wisconsin. One of my favorite states celebrates fall in such a grandiose illumination of colors and I am pumped to spend this week within the beauty.

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-Thank you Madison for changing my blogging life when it comes to Bloglovin'!
-Not only do I love Jenna's Friday's Letters post but I was featured this week, yahoo.
-Welcome back to Betsy who will be gracing my sidebar this next month. She is one of my blogging besties and I encourage you to go say hello.
-This post is brilliant - I have yet to download the iOS 8 update, but when I do this will be my go to.
-I joined The Peony Project this week and have already been impressed with how genuine community is.

Tell me about your week - what challenged you or brought joy?
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